Pastor Patty Zuñiga

Director for Abba International Ministry

Pastor Patricia Wetzell is the mother of three children and wife of Rev. Juan Zuñiga. Alongside her husband, they believe nothing is more important than family. Their efforts have always been to serve in that field; working for the families of the church through the women’s, men’s, kids, and marriage ministry.

At a personal level, Patricia has had the privilege and blessing of serving for different ministries in retreats, bible studies, and personal discipleship for new believers in Christ.

As a leader in the College of Prayer International, Patricia has implemented a system to teach kids how to pray.

Patty is currently a missionary for the Christian and Missionary Alliance and Director for Abba International Ministry who, next to her husband, lead the School of Missionary Training for young adults (Bethany School) in Alicante, Spain.

3:30 - 5:30 PM Session 7

Friday February 7

Breakout Session

Three breakouts will be available:
Rev. Fred Hartley, III - Rebuild Your Church Upper Room
Rev. Jon Mitchell - Rebuild Your Private Upper Room
Pastor Patty Zuñiga - Rebuild Your Family Upper Room